Welcome to Neurdotically. So glad you could stop by. Please, stay awhile and visit. Have a look around.

I should probably introduce myself. (I have manners…I was raised right.) My name is Jack. Hi. Nice to meet you. To learn a little more about me, please come this way.

On this page, you will find links to my current works in progress.

My goal is to offer you glimpses into these worlds that I like to visit (especially when the real world becomes too…well, you know) and the characters that I meet along the way.

This page will act at the starting point to access blog posts discussing the journey toward making these stories published realities…also just random life experiences. You can also access samples of stories and see the characters how I see them, through concept art pieces.

Again, welcome and enjoy.


Neurdotically started out as a blog on Tumblr.

This iteration of the blog will contain some of my favorite posts from the original, along with new posts documenting this meandering journey of publishing my writing. Oh, and probably a fair amount of posts about how writing is hard…and how life can be both wonderful, exciting, and also dumb and stupid.

Click here for the current blog.

Christmas Bitch

It’s safe to say that most anticipate the holidays with a bit of reservation. When it comes to Ophelia O’Leary, who tased Bailey Barrymore at last year’s Christmas party, well, that’s putting it lightly. Perhaps it may make you feel better to know she did so with the best of intentions. No? What if I told you the taser was bedazzled? Anything?

The Devil is in the Details

Not all fairy tales end with “happily ever after,” but they all do begin once upon a time.

This collection of short stories explores the history of the Devil within this realm of fairies and nursery rhymes, and the beloved characters from these stories that are added to the Devil’s menagerie.